A brief presentation of the Game tabs plugin

Note: The current version of Game-tabs is not properly working, however feel free to test it to ascertain whether or not it suits your needs. Please regard it as a basis for further development and refinements.

Game tabs is a plugin to display fixture list, results and table for the Norwegian football league by automatically fetching data via XML-feeds from The plugin is available at the WordPress plugin repository. Development is funded by Strømmen IF. The plugin is free to use, distribute and modify by anyone according to the terms specified by GPL v. 2 or later. The required XML-feeds, however, are unfortunately only commercially available from For further information about the plugin, visit WordPress plugin repository or contact Yours truly. The code for Game-tabs is also available at

Current issues and planned enhancements

Please use the comment field below or the WordPress forum to report bugs, suggest enhancements etc.

  • Bredden på Widget må reduseres. Forslag: Fjern kolonnen klokkeslett fra fanen resultater og kolonnen bane fra fanen neste.
  • After installation, the plugin menu is shown in admin before the plugin is activated. For multisite setups the plugins admin menu is available to all sites once actived.

Issues reported to developer

  • When a game is not yet played, no score should be displayed. Currently 0-0 is displayed which is misleading. Replace with a dash «-» This applies to Page, not Widget.
  • Please edit the Page display according to the attached screenshot «remove-header.png»
  • Regarding screenshot «tabell.png». The order of the columns must be changed to A,B,C. Currently column D display the difference of column B (the goal difference for away games). The correct information to display in column D should of course be column C (the goal difference for all games). Please make also column 1 left aligned.
  • Regarding screenshot «tabell-2.png». Please remove column 2. This information is set in «Tournament Team Details» which from what I can see is identical with «Team Detail». Both in admin menu. Hence, I belive Team Detail can be removed entirely from the menu. *However* I’d like the url field in «Tournament Team Details» to link to the team name (column) 1. And, as requested previously, a button for ‘update all’ in «Tournament Team Detail» would be nice to be able to fill in all URL fields and save once, not line by line.

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    1. Hei!

      Gametabs ble dessverre ikke ferdig utviklet. Eksisterende kode er ikke brukbar. Jeg er også tvilende til om eksisterende kode er egnet til å bygge videre på. Kampdata fra Speaker er i tillegg en kommersiell tjeneste og noe som må kjøpes. Hvis du har eller kjenner noen som har god datakompetanse tipper jeg det vil være mulig å hente ut data fra Speaker vha en Web scraper (1), men jeg har dessverre ikke tilstrekkelig kompetanse til å hjelpe deg.


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